Sam Horn: Brand-Book-Business Consultant and Presentation-Pitch Coach



Why have some of the world’s top executives and entrepreneurs (Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity, Charlie Pellerin, Project Manager for the Hubble Telescope, Betsy Myers, COO of Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign) hired Sam as their business consultant and coach?

Because of her brilliant ability to help them crystallize one-of-a-kind projects that scale their influence, income and impact  for good.


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  • Business/Brand Development – create a one-of-a-kind umbrella brand/equity business that stands out in a crowded industry
  • Presentation Coaching – design and confidently deliver a unique TEDx talk, keynote, commencement speech that goes viral
  • Media Coaching – prepare repeatable/retweetable sound-bites and brand stories that scale visibility and get you asked back
  • Pitch Coaching – design strategic ROI pitches that win buy-in and funding for your start-up, cause, priority project and idea
  • Book Coaching – from ideation to publication,  proposals, marketing, and original, quality content development
  • Legacy Message Coaching – leverage your lessons learned into a one-of-a-kind message that positions you as a thought leader
  • Elevator Speech Coaching – What do you  say when asked, “What do you do?” Craft customized options that connect
  • SerenDestiny Coaching – Don’t know what to do next?  Sam can help you crystallize what will put/keep the light on in your eyes
  • All the Above – Sam helps clients coordinate all their business activities so they are funneled and focused to maximize ROI.


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Some consultants/coaches make big claims and promises – and then fail to deliver.

Sam is the opposite of that.

People consistently tell us they are thrilled with the results they received, and their work with Sam exceeded their already high expectations.

You can trust Sam to help you create one-of-kind projects that give you a compelling, profitable competitive edge – because she has a 20+ year proven track record of doing just that for clients from around the world.

A sampling of her client success stories  include:

  • Sam has served as the Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises, which has helped entrepreneurs (such as Robin Chase of ZipCar and Gail Goodman of Constant Contact) receive more than $6.6 billion in funding.   One of Sam’s Springboard clients – Kathleen Callendar of Pharma Jet – received BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur Award of 2010.
  • Helping entrepreneur Rick Martinez create a new umbrella brand from scratch (including business, book, speaking, destination website, interactive, crowd-sourced digital platform) called Project Bink.  Check it out.
  • Helping Elizabeth Isele  (go-to adviser for senior and intergenerational entrepreneurship  for the White House, US Congress, Clinton Global Initiative, EU, and the UN) transition her organization into a new umbrella brand name/entity – Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship – that immediately gave it more gravitas, relevancy, and traction.
  • Helping Sean Keener, founder of the #1 rated independent travel site BootsnAll, create the name and intro video (featured on their homepage) for their new invention that has revolutionized the industry and dramatically scaled sales.
  • Helping Stephanie Palmer, author of Good in a Room and the former Creative Director for MGM Studios. prepare for a crucial media interview for the Los Angeles Times which catapulted her career as a full-time consultant.
  • Helping Joe McCormack create a NEW brand name, business entity, book title and proposal, and introducing him to a New York publisher which yielded a lucrative book contract.  All this happened in 3 days.
  • Helping Entrepreneur Organization member Barry Raber develop a successful investor pitch deck that landed $10 million in funding.
  • Helping founder Jill Nelson and the team of Call Ruby- Ruby Receptionists (four-time winner of FORTUNE magazine’s top five Best Small Companies to Work for) more compellingly communicate their bottom-live value.
  • Helping former White House fellow Amy Wilkinson (author of The Creators Code – for which she interviewed the founders of Yelp, Space X, Spanx, Airbnb, eBay, Linked In) prepare for her book launch media interviews/presentations.
  • Dan Coughlinwho works with such clients as Marriott, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, Shell Oil, Toyota) says, “I know a master teacher when I meet one. Sam provides coaching on a macro and micro level that is off the charts.”


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It’s easy to work with Sam Horn.

Simply buy the time package that’s the best match for your needs and goals.

And yes, you can upgrade to a longer time package anytime you choose.

Let us know whether you prefer to work with Sam in person or via phone or Skype.

You can fly Sam to your office, arrange to meet at a mutually convenient location, or conduct your sessions virtually.

About 3/4 of our clients are from the United States, and 1/4 are international from Canada, Europe, Australia, Korea, etc.

Once you select and pay for your package,  you will receive our proprietary Intrigue Agency client questionnaire.

You don’t have to fill this out, but many people tell us it helped them get more clarity about their project than they’ve ever had before.

Sam studies your questionnaire and submitted material in advance so you can hit the ground running and make your time together maximally productive.

You’re encouraged to record your session(s) with Sam.

Clients tell us they listen to these recordings again and again and hear something new and useful each time.

Plus, the language and strategy you create together is often “perfect” and can go right into your website, marketing material and written and spoken communications.  Feel free to share your recordings with team members who will be operationalizing your project.

You are welcome to include up to three other project members in your consultations.

Want to have more than four participants in your consultation?  Please contact Cheri at 1 805 528-4351 for those fees.


Consulting/Coaching Time Package Options with Sam Horn

Platinum Package: Eight Coaching Sessions = $5000

  • Can be used via 60-90 minute phone/Skype sessions or as an all-day in-person consult
  • Includes Sam reviewing your website, video, manuscript, proposal, materials and questionnaire ($1600 value) in advance of the initial session
  • Includes Sam reviewing up to 5 pages of submitted material in advance of each session

Gold Package: Four Coaching Sessions = $2800

  • Can be used via 60-90 minute phone/Skype sessions or as a half-day in-person consult
  • Includes Sam reviewing your website and questionnaire ($800 value) in advance of the initial session
  • Includes Sam reviewing up to 5 pages of submitted material in advance of each session

Silver Package: One Coaching Session = $800

  • Can be used via phone or Skype
  • Includes Sam reviewing up to 5 pages of submitted material in advance

Retainer Package: Two Virtual Coaching Sessions a month= $1500/month (6 month min)

  • Can be used via phone, Zoom or Skype
  • Includes Sam reviewing up to 5 pages of material for each session

Please note: Package hours are to be used within one year of original purchase.

You can schedule the frequency of virtual meetings (Every 2 weeks?  Every month?) according to your availability and your project’s timeline and progress

There are no added expenses for consultations if Sam is in your area or if you travel to meet her where she’s speaking/traveling.

If you prefer to fly Sam to your office or to a mutually-agreed upon location, you pick up expenses which include airfare, hotel, ground transportation and meals)

Ready to discuss fees and availability?  Call Cheri Grimm at 805 528-4351.


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Many clients tell us their time with Sam is the single best investment they’ve ever made in the success of their business.

Why?  No chit-chat or spending money on nebulous “market research” that takes months and doesn’t move your project forward.

The first question of every session with Sam is, “What shall we focus on to make the most of our time together?”

Whether it’s helping a client (John Chamberlain) prepare a pitch deck that landed $250 million from Carlos Slim, (the richest man in the world), or helping a 2013 Young Global Leader from the World Economic Forum (Nina Nashiff) prepare for her TED-MED panel,  many clients tell us they got more tangible value from Sam in a few hours than they have in months of working with other consultants.

You get a LOT done in a short amount of time with Sam.

She has a unique ability to collect and connect dots others don’t see – and to quickly crystallize them into a one-of-a-kind project that catalyzes your best future.

Sam is frequently called “brilliant” for her ability to craft (from scratch) unique positioning and messaging that get you and your priority projects noticed … for all the right reasons.

One of the reasons Sam is so effective at helping you build a one-of-a-kind brand and sustainable business … and become a go-to resource and thought leader in your area of expertise … is because she’s done all that.

Furthermore, she has developed proprietary, step-by-step techniques that can help YOU do that.

Sam’s work has been featured in Fast Company, New York Times, Investors Business Daily, Forbes, and on NPR and MSNBC, and endorsed by such thought leaders as Marshall Goldsmith, Dan Pink, Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tony Robbins and Ken Blanchard.

Mariah Burton Nelson, VP of Innovation/Planning for American Society of Association Executives says, “Sam Horn is the best listener I know.”

If you’re ready to work with someone who will deeply listen to your goals and help turn them into reality, give us a call at 805 528-4351.


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Cheri Grimm has been handling Sam Horn’s consulting and coaching business for 15+ years.

You are invited to call Cheri at 805-528-4351 – that’s California time – to explore how you can consult with Sam.   Cheri can:

  • Find out more about your project to see if working with Sam is a fit
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Help you select the consulting package that is the best match for your needs and goals
  • Let you know Sam’s travel schedule and when she’ll be in your area
  • Arrange payment (we take most major credit cards and checks)
  • Schedule your first session with Sam
  • Send the proprietary Intrigue Agency client questionnaire


Or, you are welcome to email Cheri at with your questions.

Katherine Graham of the Washington Post said, “To do what you love and feel that it matters; how could anything be more fun?”

Do you know what could be more fun? To do quality work you love that matters with people you enjoy and respect …  and get paid for it.

If you’d like to do work you love that matters with people you enjoy and respect and get paid for it  … if you’d like to create one-of-a-kind projects that scale your income and impact for good … please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you and to having the opportunity to work together.