Sam HornThe Intrigue Expert. has presented to more than half a million people worldwide, including for such organizations as American Bankers Association, the U.S. Embassy in London, Kaiser Permanente, Four Seasons Resorts, ASAE, Asian Leadership Conference in South Korea.

Sam loves what she does and it shows. Her original insights, real-life stories, practical tips and engaging humor earned her the top speaker ranking at two International Platform Association conventions, and at the 2008 INC 500/5000 conference along with Jim Collins and Seth Godin. You can trust Sam to customize your program so your audience has fun, relates to everything being said and is motivated to produce real-world, bottom-line results at work, at home and in their community.

Got Your Attention?

Did you know goldfish have longer attention spans than we do? How then can we earn attention in a world of INFObesity? With Sam’s INTRIGUE process which shows how to win buy-in for your ideas, initiatives, company and cause. Includes why NEVER to give an elevator speech and what to do instead. Based on Sam’s Washington Post bestseller Got Your Attention?, presented for SXSW, National Geographic, Accenture, Ernst Young. Featured in New York Times, Forbes and MSNBC. Endorsed by Dan Pink and Marshall Goldsmith who says it’s a “must for every leader.”

Tongue Fu!® How to Deal with Diffcult People – Without Becoming One Yourself

Like to know what to say – when you don’t know what to say? Want to be able to think on your feet, stop blamers, complainers and bullies in their tracks, create a culture of respect and cooperation, and keep your cool – even when others aren’t? Based on Sam’s bestsellers Tongue Fu! and Take the Bully by the Horns, presented to Boeing, Honolulu Police, Amgen. Featured in Readers Digest, Investors Business Daily and Executive Book Summaries which says it’s a “gold-mine for anyone who deals with the public.”

You Can Concentrate…Anytime, Anywhere

Actors have it. World-class athletes have it. The ability to stay focused – no matter what. The good news is, concentration is a skill you can develop at any age. Discover why NASA hired Sam to present this for their Leadership Colloquium and why her book ConZentrate was featured on NPR, endorsed by Billie Jean King and Stephen R. Covey who called it “masterful.” Learn how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your attention span, regain focus when interrupted, listen when you don’t want to, remember names, stop procrastinating, produce the peak performance state of flow, and create a mindfulness practice that counteracts stress. Sam’s tips work in busy offices, when studying, playing sports, taking tests and in high-pressure situations.


Want to position yourself for projects, promotions and positions? This inspiring session features real-world success stories of women who share their best-practices and lessons-learned about: navigating their way in male-dominated professions; getting heard in meetings; dealing with teasing, gossip and office politics; balancing work-life priorities, and creating a personal brand as a leader who can always be trusted to add value. Featured in Huffington Post and presented to Capital One, National Geographic, Intel, CA Conference for Women and Invent Your Future.

Water You Waiting For?

You’ll love this inspiring keynote that shares Sam’s experiences and insights from her Year by the Water and “What’s Holding You Back?” book.  Her put-you-in-the-scene stories will motivate you to reflect on and reconnect with what really’s important and create the confidence and courage to create the quality of life you want now, not someday.  Presented to Transformational Leadership Council, Conversations Amongst Masters (the world’s top MCC’s) and Women in Consumer Technology.

Want to see Sam in action?  Check out her TEDx talk which has received more than 200,000 views.  Discover for yourself why she’s almost always the top-rated speaker at conferences and why people appreciate – and act on –  her tips on how to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Govindh Javaraman, Podcaster of Paper Napkin Wisdom


“I would recommend Sam highly for anything that involves words. Or people. Do you know a family member, colleague, or entrepreneur who needs to use words to sell or motivate people to buy something from their business? If so, Sam will help you do all that by helping you intrigue them on a deeper level that leads to lasting and impactful connections.”

Andrea Goulet, CEO of Corgibytes, LinkedIn Top Professionals under 35


“One of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen. Sam’s divinely inspired advice is direct and delivered in a manner that makes you ‘get it’ like you never did before. On top of all this, Sam is one of the most genuine, authentic people I know.”

Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count


“Looking for a fantastic keynoter? Sam gets an A+. She’ll get familiar with your audience, craft a message they need to hear, and deliver it with energy and humor. I love POP! – it summarizes many of her tried and true approaches to getting your message heard and talked about.”

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, Speaker Hall of Fame


“Sam is a joy to know. Sam’s powerful, real-world insights helped me see new ideas and outstanding business opportunities. Even beyond her amazing acumen, Sam Horn is a genuine, caring person who has helped (literally) thousands with her wisdom and insight. She is a person you want to know. Your life and your business will be better after you spend time with her.”

Mariah Burton Nelson, CAE, VP of Innovation and Planning for ASAE (American Society of Association Executives)


“Sam is brilliant. I’ve had the privilege of watching her speak several times, and I’ve worked with her one-on-one and in small groups to develop concepts and titles. She’s an extraordinary listener and thinker. The result?  She almost magically transforms rough ideas into beautifully branded slogans, titles, and angles that capture people’s attention and imagination – and sell. Plus she’s just a good hearted person, a deeply generous and kind human being. I adore her, and everyone else who knows her does too.”

Orvel Ray Wilson, Founder, The Guerilla Group


“One of the best speakers on titling and branding I’ve ever seen, Sam is a real pro, with great content and polished delivery. I recommend her without reservation.”

Matt Leedham, Director, Entrepreneurs Organization


“Sam Horn’s impact on me in a public speaking workshop completely changed my perspective on communication.”