Govindh Javaraman, Curator, Author, Podcaster of Paper Napkin Wisdom


“I would recommend Sam highly for anything that involves words. Or people. Answer this question: do you know a family member, colleague, or fellow entrepreneur who needs to use words to sell or motivate people to buy something from their business? If so, Sam will help you do all that with more engagement by helping you intrigue them on a deeper level that leads to lasting and impactful connections simply and authentically.”

Gina Carr, Harvard MBA, Tribe-Builder, co-author of Klout Matters


“Sam Horn is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. She has the unique ability to see things others don’t see about themselves or their business and show them how they can turn those distinctions into gold. I’ve hired and recommended Sam on multiple occasions with great success. If you need a big dose of brilliance for your book, business, or brand, you need to hire Sam now.”

Francie Dalton, CMC, President of Dalton Alliances


“Sam should have charged me a million dollars for the advice she gave me! What she does is MAGIC!! If you own a business, are in marketing, sales, are a writer or speaker, and you haven’t yet worked with Sam Horn, even if you’re terrific at what you do, you have no idea how much better you could be than you ALREADY are. If you do nothing else for yourself this year,, get on Sam Horn’s calendar and experience her brain at work. Hers is an amazing gift that just keeps on giving long after your time with her is complete.”

Cynthia Shapiro, author of Corporate Confidential


“Working with Sam Horn is one of the best investments I have ever made! Her insights are pure genius and consistently yield amazing results. I’ve worked with her one-on-one for title crafting and author consultation, and I’ve taken her Speaker’s Boot Camp. She is truly one of a kind. I highly recommend her services to anyone feeling a little stuck, or wondering why they aren’t achieving the visibility and success they desire.”

Donna Karlin, founder of No Ceiling, Just Sky Institute


“Working with Sam is the biggest gift I could ever have given myself. She has this unique ability to truly hear what you’re;re saying – both evident and not – and frame it back to you in such a way that you do something with it. I can try to explain it until the cows come home but instead, work with her to see what unfolds. She is 100% present with you – a one in a million. I am blessed to know her and work with her, learn from her and evolve because of her.”

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, Speaker Hall of Fame


“Sam is a joy to know. She has incredible knowledge about writing and producing books: that is her magnificent specialty. However, Sam goes even beyond that with her powerful insights into real-world business matters. She has helped me see new ideas and business opportunities that have been outstanding. Even beyond her amazing  acumen, Sam Horn is a genuine, caring person who has helped (literally) thousands with her wisdom and insight. She is a person you want to know. Your life and your business will be better after you spend time with her.”

Andrea Goulet, CEO of Corgibytes, one of LinkedIn’s Top Professionals under 35


“Without Sam Horn as a mentor, I probably wouldn’t be a professional writer. In addition to being one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen, she has an innate ability to spot and nurture talent in others. Her advice seems to be divinely inspired; while it is direct, it’s delivered in a manner that makes you “get it” like you never did before. On top of all this, Sam is one of the most genuine and authentic people I know. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.”