Sam Horn’s HOW TO POP! Masterclass

Want your brand, business, book & priority project to POP! out of its pack? Develop One-of-a-Kind Positioning to Scale Your Brand, Business, Book

If so, join our “HOW TO POP!” Masterclass where Sam Horn will share real-life success stories and give step-by-step guidelines on how you can be: 

P = PURPOSEFUL. Clarify an #Ikigai goal for the year that scales your income and impact and puts the light on in your eyes. (Ikigai is Japanese for “a reason to get up in the morning.”)

O = ORIGINAL. Make your Ikigai goal ONE-OF-A-KIND so it stands out and wins the attention, trust and business of your ideal decision-makers and customers.

P = PROMOTE. Market your work honestly, organically, and in integrity with a 60-second Elevator Connection and “Dog on a Tanker” story that shows people what you’ve done.

The How to POP! Masterclass offers all this and much more.

LIVE training. POP! seats. Worksheets. Plus a private Facebook community with support, best-practices and Sam’s answers to all your questions. 

POP! your presentation
POP! your personal brand
POP! your sales — learn how in our upcoming masterclass!