Take the Bully By the Horns Audio Learning System




The Take The Bully By The Horns System includes:

  1. 30 days of Action Plans on how to stand up and speak up for yourself when someone is trying to manipulate, intimidate, or control you.  These action plans include thought-provoking insights to help you understand why bullies target certain people and how NOT to be one of those people.  Plus, dozens of “Why didn’t I think of that?” responses so the next time a bully says or does something hurtful, you won’t be tongue-tied or tongue-twisted
  2. A one-hour CD with specific tips on what to do and say when dealing with the 5-10% of the population who don’t want a win-win; they want to win
  3. A special report on How to Choose Your Battles:  21 Questions to Help you Decide Whether to Speak Up or Put a Sock In it
  4. A special report on School Bullies:  What To Do if Your Child is Being Targeted
  5.  A white paper on The Secret to Saying No When You’re Being Pressured to Say Yes (This is crucial as bullies control you by forcing you to give into them – even when you don’t want to.)
  6. A special report on Are You a People Pleaser?
  7. A special report called 7 Tips to Stop Teasing