Certification Process



We appreciate your interest in becoming certified to teach Sam Horn’s proprietary material.

1. What is a Sam Horn Certified Trainer?

Sam Horn’s Tongue Fu!® program is officially trademarked, and the proprietary, original techniques in her other programs (Never Be Bullied Again, POP!, and Got Your Attention?) are copyrighted.

In order to maintain the integrity of the material, we certify people in Sam’s unique presentation style to ensure program participants are receiving excellent, actionable recommendations they can put into practice that produces real world results at work, at home, and in their community.

Just as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Sally Hogshead certify individuals in their process, Sam certifies people in her process.

2. Why would you want to be a Certified Trainer?

Would you like to:

  • Teach Sam’s material in your company, school, government agency or non-profit?
  • Offer proven, one-of-a-kind techniques that add value for all participants?
  • Save time by not having to create your own content from scratch?
  • Share respected insights that have been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, INC, and the Washington Post?
  • Be taught by an expert who was twice the top rated speaker at the International Platform Association and has been hired by Boeing, Cisco, Intel, Capital One, ASAE and more?
  • Do work that changes lives and makes a tangible difference for others
  • Receive a fully developed, turn-key system that saves you money, effort, and hassle?

If you said yes to any of the above, this course is for you.

3. What do you receive as a Sam Horn Certified Trainer?

You will receive:

  • Handouts for a 20-minute keynote, a 60-90 minute seminar or breakout session, and a half or full-day workshop
  • PowerPoint templates that can be adapted to your audience and situation
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to customize this curriculum for your target audiences’ needs
  • Receive presentation coaching so you can deliver the content confidently and compellingly
  • Recommendations on how to engage your audience from start to finish with Sam’s one-of-a-kind approach for replacing Infobesity with Intrigue
  • Specific suggestions on how to handle questions, conduct interactive exercises and create a Scenius in which every single person in the room contributes to the learning process
  • A marketing process to generate interest and win buy-in for your programs internally, generate sign-ups for online classes and book paid speaking engagements

4. Why is Sam certifying people in her proprietary topics?

Sam wants the Tongue Fu! ® /Take The Bully By The Horns and the POP!/ Got Your Attention? message to reach as many people as possible. For many years, professional speakers, HR directors, business owners and entrepreneurs have asked Sam how they could legally teach Sam’s techniques to their employees and audiences. By becoming a certified trainer, you can scale your own career success and add value to your organization by introducing these proven methods.

5. Can anybody become a Certified Trainer?

We encourage everyone who is interested to apply. We take into account your intent for using the program, your speaking, leadership, education, professional  background, and the potential for people to be positively impacted by you becoming a Sam Horn Certified Trainer.

6. When and where are Sam Horn’s Certifications held?

Sam’s certifications 2-Day, One-on-One trainings are held either at Sam’s location or you can arrange to have her travel to you (additional travel expenses apply).

Upon request, we offer customized certification training for organizations, and for individuals who prefer virtual training.

Ready to apply? You are welcome to call Cheri at (805) 528-4351 or email her at cheri@intrigueagency.com with your questions. Please put “Certification” in your subject heading.


  1. What’s special about the Tongue Fu!®/Never Be Bullied Again certification? It is one of the only programs:
  • That has a successful 15 + year track record of certifying people around the world
  • Is based on best-selling books that have been translated into 17 languages including Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Hindi
  • That is based on trademarked content that has been delivered to Boeing, the US Embassy in London, the State of Hawaii, the US Navy, ASAE and Amgen
  • That provides everything you need to be presentation-ready  so you can deliver a conference keynote, online class, orientation or workshop for your employees or association members.
  • To be taught by an internationally recognized expert who was twice the top-ranked speaker at the International Platform Association
  1. What is the format for the certification training?

The First Day is a deep dive into the Tongue Fu!® and Never Be Bullied Again content which includes such topics as:

  • Dealing with customer complaints, disputes, and misunderstandings
  • Replacing Words to Lose with Words to Use to turn conflict into cooperation
  • Proactive step-by-step suggestions for how employees can focus on solutions rather than fault
  • Keeping our cool and a sense of perspective when dealing with difficult people
  • Coming up with comebacks so you can think on your feet and not get knocked off balance
  • Understanding why people become bullies – or as Sam calls them – “5%ers”
  • Why it’s crucial to shift from a win-win approach to reversing the risk-reward ratio
  • Pragmatic methods for dealing with haters, trolls, and controllers
  • Surprising ways to hold bullies accountable for their inappropriate behavior

The Second Day is a deep dive into preparing you to be a speaker and advocate on behalf of these topics. This includes:

  • Helping you develop a “TED-like” 18-minute talk that you can deliver for your target audience
  • Giving you an opportunity to present a short talk and receive instant feedback and suggestions on how to make it even more effective
  • Customized recommendations on how to introduce these programs to your  organizations, companies or agency and win enthusiastic buy-in from decision makers and participants
  • Crafting a one-sheet with a bulleted bio of your credentials and program description you can use to promote your work and reach out to meeting planners to book speaking engagements
  • A marketing plan for writing blogs and articles and leveraging social media before, during and after your programs to take them viralINTO THE WOODS (1)
  1. What’s special about the POP!/Got Your Attention? Certification? It is one of the only programs:
  • based on original content that has been endorsed by Dan Pink, Marshall Goldsmith, Keith Ferrazzi, Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer, Miki Agrawal and Amy Wilkinson
  • based on books that were a Washington Post Best Seller, #1 in three categories on Amazon (Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Communication), and featured in Fast Company, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Inc, and the New York Times
  • that features first-of-their-kind techniques that have earned Sam’s consulting clients, readers and audience members millions of dollars
  • that has been presented at SXSW, Inc. 500 and delivered to Springboard Enterprises, which has helped entrepreneurs receive more than $6.6 billion in funding
  • that has helped people craft successful TED and TEDx talks, quality books that have become best-sellers, and one of a kind brands such as Project Bink and the Brief Lab
  1. What is the format for the POP!/Got Your Attention? Certification?

The First Day is a deep dive into POP! and Got Your Attention? content which includes:

  • Creating one-of-a-kind titles (trade-marketable) that help your work get noticed for all the right reasons
  • Crafting intriguing, compelling content that helps your website or blog get read and make you money
  • Developing a brand that gives you a strategic edge
  • Producing taglines, slogans and a memorable phrase that pays that get your message remembered
  • Replacing Infobesity with Intrigue to capture and keep the attention of busy people
  • Using the 7 P’s of originality to design and deliver “haven’t heard that before” presentations, blogs, and article
  • Replacing boring elevator speeches with brilliant elevator connections that create a two-way bond
  • Creating a signature story with real life examples that illustrate your point so you are more interesting

The Second Day is a deep dive into preparing you to be a speaker, consultant, topic expert and media resource on behalf of these topics. This includes:

  • Helping you develop a 20-minute talk that you can deliver for your target audience
  • Giving you an opportunity to present this program and receive instant feedback and suggestions on how to make it even more effective
  • Teaching you how to be a speaker on this topic so you can command attention and be invited back to speak time and time again.
  • Tailored recommendations on a one-sheet with a bulleted bio of your credentials that you can use to promote your program and reach out to meeting planners to book speaking engagements.
  • Receive a process for consulting and coaching that includes everything from how to negotiate your free to how to attract clients so you can conduct in-person or virtual coaching sessions
  • Specific suggestions on how to leverage social media before during and after your program so you are taking this content and your program viral





Website Profile PictureThanks for giving me the coaching and kick-start I needed to speak about our technology. I am grateful and  remember you every time I give a presentation. I am proud to say we were chosen as one of BusinessWeek  magazine’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs.

-Kathleen Callendar, Co-founder of PharmaJet

Website Profile Picture (1)Sam Horn’s impact on me in a public speaking workshop at the Leadership Academy completely changed my  perspective on communication. The simple content shift from worrying about an audience’s reaction to believing  I have something important to share was a game-changer for me.

-Matt Leedham, Director of Entrepreneur’s Organization

Website Profile Picture (2)Want to grab someone’s attention and make them remember you and your products? Then you need Sam Horn’s step-by-step POP! Process.

-Matt Koenigs, 2009 Marketer of the Year


Questions? Interested? Call Cheri today at 1 (805) 528-4351. We look forward to welcoming you to our team of certified trainers.


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