Tongue Fu! at WorkWhy have some of the world’s top leaders (e.g., Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity, Charlie Pellerin, Project Manager for the Hubble Telescope, Betsy Myers, COO of Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign) chosen to consult with Sam?

Because of her ability to help them crystallize that they want to do next and fast-forward and finish meaningful projects that scale their income, influence and impact - for good.

Would you like to write a book, develop a pitch, prepare for an important presentation, media interview or TEDx talk? Would you like to figure out how you’re one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-many so your business/brand has a distinctive competitive edge that helps it POP out of its pack?

Would you like to know how to quickly, concisely and clearly communicate you and your project’s UVP – Unique Value Proposition – so people get and want what you have to offer?

Sam can help you do that.  In fact, she’s done hat for hundreds of clients in the past twenty years.

  • Kathleen Callendar of Pharma Jet. The pitch we developed help raise millions in funding. She received BusinessWeek’sMost Promising Social Entrepreneur Award.
  • EO’er Rick Martinez. We create a new umbrella/equity brand from scratch (including business, book, speaking, destination website) called Project Bink.
  • Elizabeth Isele (go-to adviser for the White House, US Congress, Clinton Global Initiative, EU, and the UN). We created a new umbrella brand – Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship – that increased its traction.
  • Sean Keener, founder of the #1 rated independent travel site BootsnAll. We created the name and intro video (featured on their homepage) for their new invention that has revolutionized the industry and dramatically scaled sales.
  • Stephanie Palmer, author of Good in a Roomand the former Creative Director for MGM Studios. We strategized a crucial media interview for the Los Angeles Times which catapulted her career as a full-time consultant.
  • Joe McCormack. We created a NEW brand name, book title and proposal, and introducing him to a New York publisher which yielded a lucrative book contract.
  • Jill Nelson and the team of Call Ruby- Ruby Receptionists (four-time winner of FORTUNE magazine’s top five Best Small Companies to Work for). We created strategic communications that scaled visibility and their profits.
  • White House fellow Amy Wilkinson (author of The Creators Code– for which she interviewed the founders of Yelp, Space X, Spanx, Airbnb, eBay, Linked In). We strategized her book launch, media campaign and high-profiled presentations.
  • Dan Coughlin, (clients include Marriott, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, Shell Oil, Toyota). We created a new book title/topic and presentation that positioned him for even more success.  Dan says, “I know a master teacher when I meet one. Sam provides coaching on a macro and micro level that is off the charts.”

Enough about me.  We want to know about YOU.

You’re invited to contact or call 805 528-4351 to discuss your specific goals for our work together.  Cheri has been handling my consulting business for 15 years. We’ll be happy to send you our consulting information, including how we can work together in-person or virtually. P.S.  You’re encouraged to record our sessions. Clients tell us they listen to these recordings again and again and hear something new and useful each time. Furthermore, the exact language I come up with is often “perfect” and can go right into your website, marketing campaign, book, presentation, pitch, social media posts, or power-point deck. We look forward to hearing from you and to having an opportunity to work together. Want some proof of the results you’ll receive when we coach/consult together? Here are just a few of the hundreds of thank you’s and recommendations we’ve received over the years.


Donna Karlin, TED coach, founder, No Ceiling, Just Sky Institute


“Working with Sam is the biggest gift I could ever have given myself. She has this unique ability to truly hear what you’re saying – both evident and not – and frame it back to you in such a way that you DO something with it. I can try to explain it until the cows come home but instead, work with her to see what unfolds. She is 100% present, one in a million. I am blessed to work with her, learn from her, evolve because of her.”

Cynthia Shapiro, author of Corporate Confidential


“Working with Sam Horn is one of the best investments I have ever made! Her insights are pure genius and consistently yield amazing results. I’ve worked with her one-on-one and I’ve taken her Speaker’s Boot Camp. She is truly one of a kind. I highly recommend her services to anyone feeling a little stuck, or wondering why they aren’t achieving the visibility and success they desire.”

Francie Dalton, CMC, President of Dalton Alliances


“Sam should have charged me a million dollars for the advice she gave me! What she does is MAGIC!! If you own a business, are a speaker, writer or are in marketing, sales, and you haven’t yet worked with Sam, even if you’re terrific at what you do, you have no idea how much better you could be than you ALREADY are. If you do nothing else for yourself this year, get on Sam Horn’s calendar and experience her brain at work. Hers is an amazing gift that just keeps on giving long after your time with her is complete.”

Gina Carr, Harvard MBA, Tribe-Builder, co-author of Klout Matters


“Sam Horn is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. She has the unique ability to see things others don’t see about their business and show how they can turn those distinctions into gold. I’ve hired and recommended Sam on multiple occasions with great success. If you need a big dose of brilliance for your book, business, or brand, you need to hire Sam now.”

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, author of Conventional Wisdom


“Sam is the absolute master of the universe when it comes to getting published. She helped me get focused and came up with a title that is both clever and spot on for the content and provided me with terrific coaching for a winning book proposal. When you have a session with Sam you are going to get more than you bargained for. I am still using ideas from sessions we did years ago.”

Dave Yoho, Pres. Professional Educators, Inc.


“If you are writing a book – even just thinking about it – Sam Horn will crystalize your planning and implementation, and simplify your decision-making. There may be others on the planet who know more about helping you publish profitably and properly, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d trust first.”

Stephanie Vance, CEO of Advocacy Institute


“Sam has helped me with a range of projects. If she takes you on as a client, she does her research, thinks carefully about your project and really helps you harness and focus your creative energy (or find it, if it’s gone missing). I highly recommend her for work ranging from building your speaking business to getting that book out of your head and on paper.”

Phyllis Campagna, MCC, CEO of Excelis Performance Strategies


“Sam is the consummate Coach’s Coach! In a few hours, she assisted me in determining my next career steps. I walked away with a to-do list and clear ideas of where I’m headed. Sam is a Wordsmith Extraordinaire. More than that, she’s a kind, happy person who draws out the best in others – a joy to work with.”

John Strelecky, The Big Five for Life


“Early in my writing career Sam was kind enough to help me understand the world of agents, publishers and pitch letters. 2 million copies sold later, with seven books translated into 25 languages, I can wholeheartedly say hiring Sam to be my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There are a lot of ways you can invest your time, funds, and energy. Working with Sam is one of the first places I’d start.”

Bristol Baugham, TED Fellow, founder of Inner Astronauts


“Sam Horn is a catalyzer. With grace and compassion, she has pushed me to be bigger and better than I ever could have imagined.”