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- A Few of Sam's Notable Clients -

Sam Horn’s Bio & partial list of credentials includes:

  • Founder of the Tongue Fu!® Training Institute, a conflict resolution / prevention consultancy hired by hundreds of companies, associations, government agencies, nonprofits and schools.

  • CEO of the Intrigue Agency, a branding, positioning, messaging company working with global executives, entrepreneurs and organizations to create intriguing offerings. 

  • Executive Director and Emcee of the Maui Writers Conference,  named “The Best Writers Conference in the world for 17 years by Writers Digest.

  • International speaker addressing more than 500,000 people in 12 countries including China, Germany, Greece, Canada, Mexico.

  • Hired by NASA, Richard Branson’s New Now Leaders, TED Fellows, and EO to train Executives and PM’s in media and public speaking.

  • Former Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises whose grads have generated $26 billion in funding/valuation. 

  • 3 TEDx talks with 500,000+ views. Her talk on INTRIGUE is often shown at staff meetings to help employees turn speeches into conversations. 
  • Hired by LinkedIn to teach Preparing for Successful Communication video learning series used globally by Walmart, Microsoft, Google to train employees in soft skills.

  • Received the Women of Distinction award from NAWBO and the top Leadership Award from Transformational Leadership Council.

  • Quoted in publications including NY Times, Readers Digest, Forbes, Investors Business Daily, Chicago Tribune, INC, L.A. Times, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post

  • Interviewed on major TV networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) and on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and To Tell the Truth where Sam and her Tongue Fu! team stumped the panel.

  • Frequent radio/podcast guest for NPR, MSNBC, Vishen Lakhiani’s MindValley, John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire, and CK Lin’s Noble Warrior.

  • Created and hosted the Business Book Festival at USA Today headquarters featuring David Gelles, Jack Canfield, Miki Agrawal.

  • Served as Pitch Coach for British Airlines Pitch Contest and presented “How to Open Doors & Close Deals” at SXSW.

  • Consulted with hundreds of respected thought-leaders to craft quality brands, businesses, books, TEDx, UN, SXSW talks including:
    • Terry Jones, Founder of Travelocity and Kayak 
    • Larry Lynch, Former ED of the Disney Institute
    • Jill Nelson: Fortune’s “Best Small Business to Work For”
    • Radha Agrawal:  CEO of Daybreaker (opened for Oprah)
    • Sandra Joseph: Christine in Phantom of the Opera
    • Kian Gohar: Former ED of Singularity U and X-Prize
    • Kim Malek: CEO of Salt & Straw 
    • Charlie Pellerin: Project Manager of Hubble Telescope
    • Nell Merlino: Take Your Daughter to Work Day
    • Amy Wilkinson: White House Fellow, Stanford professor
    • Dana Ehrlich: CEO of Verde Farms
    • Chris Bertish: Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest winner
    • Jeanne Sullivan: Forbes Top 5 Women Impacting Women Entrepreneurs
Sam Horn on stage at TEDx South Lake Tahoe discussing turning your SOMEDAY into Today
Sam with Dewitt Jones. Successful Meetings called him "one of the top five speakers in the world." Sam helped him craft his TEDx talk, which has 1+ million views.
Sam with Miki and Radha Agrawal at the TLC Semi-Annual Summit

- As Seen On -

Author of 9 books from major publishers  including:

  • Tongue Fu!®,  “A lively guide that can be returned to time and again.” – Library Journal “A gold mine for anyone who deals with the public.” – Executive Book Summaries
  • POP!:  “Words matter and this book will change the way you use them.” – Seth Godin “An inspiring guide to getting heard, getting remembered, getting results.” – Ken Blanchard
  • SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week: “Sam’s book inspired me to stop postponing forgotten dreams. It’s such a lovely, joyful read.” – Geneen Roth  Featured on & in HBR.
  • Got Your Attention?: Washington Post bestseller. “Whether you’re pitching, presenting, promoting, or persuading, you need to know how to be heard above the din, this book will teach you how.” —Dan Pink 
  • Take the Bully by the Horns: “The perfect guide on how to avoid negative confrontations and face those who intimidate/manipulate you, without sacrificing your integrity.” – Dave Pelzer 
  • Tongue Fu! at School, “Sam Horn’s storytelling style lends itself to transforming a culture of conflict to one of dialogue.” – Meryl Marshall-Daniels
  • ConZentrate “A must for anyone who wants to learn how to focus and maintain attention.” – Billie Jean King “Fascinating, thought-provoking.” – Dr. Stephen Covey  
  • What’s Holding You Back?: “A fountain of wisdom.” – Rabbi Harold Kushner “Sam Horn’s is an uplifting voice in the world.” – Dan Millman

What’s Sam’s “WHY?”

I’m often asked how I got started. 

The question is, how far back do you want to go? 
I grew up in a small SoCal town called New Cuyama.
How small? Well, let’s just say it had more horses than people. 
I used to ride my Palomino Joe to the library and tie him up outside while I went inside to fill my backpack with books. 
That library gave me a window on the adventurous world just waiting to be discovered outside our isolated mountain valley.
When I was asked to be valedictorian for our graduating class, it was a big deal. 
I spent a lot of time crafting my talk, and asked my dad (who advised FFA students on public speaking) if he’d listen to my dress rehearsal and give suggestions. 
He listened to my little “bird leaving the nest” homily and said simply, “It’s an okay talk, Sam. I just didn’t hear anything new.” 
He wasn’t being mean. He knew I wanted honest feedback.
He added, “Sam, if we’re going to ask people for their valuable time and attention, it is our responsibility to say something original.”  
I protested, “But Dad, there’s nothing new under the sun.”
He smiled. “Sure there is. Do you know the definition of original? If we haven’t heard or seen it before, it’s original.”
Aaahh. That set me off on a life-time mission to craft new insights and step-by-step methodologies people hadn’t heard or seen before.
Dad was right. 
People are busy. If we want their attention, we’ve got to EARN it by introducing something original, meaningful, memorable, and actionable. 
In other words, we need to be intriguing. 
Hopefully, that’s what my programs and products do, and it’s what I teach people in my writing, coaching, and speaking.
What have I learned in the 30 years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of sharing the work of the Intrigue Agency (originally Action Seminars) around the world?
If we want to succeed, we must intrigue.
Hope you find these best-practices valuable, and I hope you’re able to use them to improve your effectiveness and your quality of life – on and off the job.
Thomas Wolfe said "You can’t go home again" and I said "Sure you can!" This is the Cuyama Buckhorn located in the small town I grew up in. My sister Cheri and I used to ride our horses here, tie them up outside, and go in for a for cherry Coke.
I dedicated my SOMEDAY book to librarians everywhere for the pivotal role they play in opening people's minds to the possibilities. I’m often asked for my favorite book and I always say it’s Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series because at an impressionable young age they open my eyes to the wide world of adventure waiting for me outside of our small town.
Sam with her sister and business manager of 30+ years, Cheri Grimm

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