Sam Horn – Keynoter and International Topic Expert


Sam HornThe Founder and CEO of the Intrigue Agency, has presented to more than half a million people worldwide and for such organizations as American Bankers Association, Kaiser Permanente, Four Seasons Resorts, Accenture, Cisco, Boeing, Fortune 500 Forum, Asian Leadership Conference, U.S. Embassy in London, and Direct Marketing Association in Beijing.

Sam loves what she does and it shows. Her “put-you-in-the-scene” real-life stories, original insights, practical tips and laugh-out-loud humor have earned her the top speaker ranking at two International Platform Association conventions.

You can trust Sam to customize her program so your audience relates to everything being said. Sam facilitates meaningful interactions in the room so everyone connects with colleagues and instantly applies what they’ve heard so they produce real-world results on and off the job.

Got Your Attention? How to EARN Interest in Your Ideas and Initiatives
Did you know goldfish have longer attention spans than we do? How then can we capture and keep our customers, coworkers and stakeholders’ interest? How? By making our written and spoken communications so intriguing, people WANT to listen. Discover how to be so clear, compelling and relevant, people are motivated to pay attention and say yes to what you’re presenting, pitching or proposing. Based on Sam’s Washington Post bestseller Got Your Attention?, featured in New York Times, and endorsed by Dan Pink and Marshall Goldsmith who says it’s “a must for every leader.”

Tongue Fu!: Deal with Difficult People Without Becoming One Yourself
Like to know what to say when you don’t know what to say? Want to handle challenging situations with confidence? Sam Horn shows how to stop arguments in their tracks, turn fault-finders into problem-solvers, persuade people to stop, listen and see your point of view and keep your cool (even when other people aren’t). You’ll love the specific suggestions on what to say and do in stressful situations you face on a daily basis. Featured in Executive Book Summaries which says Tongue Fu! is a “gold-mine for anyone who deals with the public.”

NEVER Again Give an Elevator Speech
Do you know anyone who likes listening to a speech? Next time someone asks, “What do you do?” DON’T TELL THEM! Why? Explanations can come across as #INFObesity. Sam shows how to replace traditional one-way ELEVATOR SPEECHES with engaging, two-way ELEVATOR CONNECTIONS that create more genuine conversations and interactions. Discover why Sam’s LinkedIn post on this has more than 51,000 views and why her “get people interacting in the room” session on this is top-ranked at many conferences, including INC 500/5000.

You CAN Concentrate: Get Things Done – No Matter What!
Are you busy from morning to night? Have you been asked to do more with less? The good news is Sam’s five step F.O.C.U.S. Process teaches you how to be efficient and effective while juggling many projects. Her “I can do that today” techniques reduce stress, increase productivity and can be used at work, in sports and in school. Discover why NASA hired Sam to present this for their Leadership Colloquium and why these techniques have been featured on NPR and endorsed by Stephen R. Covey who called them “masterful.”

POP! Your Sales
Jack Welch says, “If you don’t have a competitive edge, don’t compete.” The question is, why should people hire you, buy from you or refer you – instead of the other guys? How are you one-of-a-kind vs. one-of-many? Create a UVP and competitive edge that gets your products and services bought and/or funded. Bring a priority project to strategize to instantly scale its success. Based on Sam’s bestseller POP! which has been endorsed by Seth Godin (who called it “revolutionary,”) and presented at SXSW.

LeadHERship: Don’t Just Lean In, Step Up
Want to earn more promotions and career opportunities? Learn how to identify and leverage your personal brand so you’re contributing at your highest level; get heard and respected in meetings and negotiations; deal pro-actively with teasing, gossip and office politics; and create a reputation as someone who can always be trusted to always add value. Presented to NAWBO, National Geographic, Women in Consumer Technology, Intel, Indiana Conference for Women, and featured in Huffington Post and Forbes.

There’s No Present Like the Time® (Also titled … Change At Any Age … and Onward)
What’s your NEXT? What do you want to achieve or experience by this time next year? What’s your legacy? What are you waiting for? In this inspiring keynote, Sam shows how to make the coming year(s) more meaningful. Her edge-of-your-seat stories, humor and thought-provoking questions provide in-the-room insights on how you can create a more fulfilling personal and professional life NOW, not someday- and how you can stay true to your vision instead of getting pulled off track. Versions of this keynote have been delivered to TEDx-NASA, Transformational Leadership Council and Enetrepreneurs Organization.

Just Added, By Popular Demand: So, You’re Giving a 10-20 Minute Talk?

Are you a fan of TED and TEDx talks? Are you preparing a high-stakes talk for yourself, your boss, board chair or client? If so, you’ll love this session. Sam has coached hundreds of people on their TED, TEDx, SXSW, Wisdom 2.0, UN talks, funding pitches, etc. She has developed a secret sauce that helps you:

* get selected when competing for these high-profile showcases.
* figure out what YOUR unique idea worth spreading is and why it is urgently needed
* craft a title and description that is appropriate, appealing and relevant for your group
* distill insights into a concise, compelling, original presentation. (This is NOT a miniaturized how-to training session and it’s not rushing through everything you know.)
* dig deep to find a meaningful signature story that shows why you’re on a mission about this issue, injustice, innovation or idea and why people should care
* anticipate objections to what you’re recommending so you win over nay-sayers
* design a pebble-in-the-pond message that adds value for the live and video audience – AND strategically positions you and your organization for the next year
* stand out on a panel, even if you only have a couple minutes to speak
* be adaptable in the moment and speak confidently and extemporaneoulsy – instead of memorizing a script, being locked into your slides and forgetting what you planned to say
* craft a repeatable, retweetable rally cry that goes viral and gets remembered and quoted

This is an interactive session where you will shape your presentation on the spot. Designing and delivering a high-quality, high-stakes short talk can be the single best thing you do to catapult your career, win support for your projects, raise funding for your non-profit, scale the success of your organization and leverage your influence – for good. Join us. We have a lot of fun and get a lot done.

Want to see Sam in action and experience why people find her presentations time well spent? Check out her TEDx talk on INTRIGUE. You’ll quickly see why it has more than 207,000 YouTube views and why it’s shown in staff meetings and in sales/marketing/advertising agencies across the country to help people create clearer, more compelling communications and elevator connections.