Sam Horn's Micro Content Masterclass

For Your…

* Presentations
* Programs
* Websites
* Webinars
* Funding Pitches
* PowerPoint Slides

* Online Courses
* Books
* Blogs
* Meetings
* Social Media Posts
* Marketing Campaigns

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"If you want to SUCCEED, you must INTRIGUE."

After Seeing Your Posts... Do People Feel Inspired to Share?

After Hearing You Speak... Can People Repeat What They Heard?

After Reading Your Writing... do people act on what you said?

If so, good for you.

If Not, We Got You Covered!

You'll love this step-by-step course that teaches you how to make your communication POP! You will immediately craft repeatable-reteweetable micro content for your priority projects that takes your work viral and scales your income and impact for good!

Would you like to discover how to:

Craft original content in an AI app world?

Create a money phrase to monetize your ideas?

Build a word bank to create ORIGINAL hook, line and thinkers?

Pull out a punchline from every point so people get it and are motivated to do it?

Condense your origin stories so they come alive and people SEE what you’re SAYING?

Use JUXTAROWS to make complex ideas clear?

This LIVE Course Has Been Completed.
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Sam Practices What She Teaches With




Tips that make your important content more interesting

Who Should Take this class?

Business Owners
Healthcare Leaders
Social Media Influencers
Advertising Professionals
Team Leaders
Web Designers
Corporate Managers
Public Relations Reps

If you want your message to get noticed, remembered & acted on -you need to learn how to say a lot in a little.

Your ability to be clear, concise, and compelling is a career-maker or a career-breaker.

Who Is Sam Horn?

And why can you trust her to be the expert?

Sam Horn is CEO of the Intrigue Agency, a messaging consultancy, which helps people design and deliver TEDx talks, keynotes, funding pitches and one-of-a-kind brands.

  • Author of POP! which Seth Godin (This is Marketing) said “Words matter, every single one of them, and this book will revolutionize the way you use them.”
  • Author of WA Post bestseller Got Your Attention? which Dan Pink (Drive) said “Whether you’re pitching, presenting, promoting or persuding… Sam Horn’s smart and snappy book will teach you how to get people’s attention – and keep it.”
  • Featured in NYT, Fast Company, Forbes, Readers Digest, Huffington Post
  • Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises which has helped entrepreneurs generate $26-billion in funding (yes, that’s a B) 
  • Spoken to more than half a million people worldwide and for clients including Intel, Capital One, the US Navy, Johnson & Johnson, Nationwide, Oracle, Cisco, and Boeing.
  • Popular LinkedIn Instructor whose series on communication has been used by Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, and Accenture as part of their employee training.
  • Hired by NASA, EO and Ted Fellows to media-train their leaders on how to communicate more clearly, concisely, and compellingly.
  • Executive Director and MC of the Maui Writers Conference, which Writers Digest called “the best writers conference in the world.

“Tongue Fu! is a terrific book, full of verbal ‘re-engineering’ designed to refocus us toward greater fulfillment in our dialogues with others through better communication.”

Details At-a-glance

Sam Horn's Micro Content Masterclass

If you want to succeed in today’s world of short attention spans and INFObesity, you’ve got to INTRIGUE and Sam will show you how.

Join us for this deep dive into how you can distill your message into first-of-their-kind soundbites that are uniquely yours.


Three content-rich 45-minute sessions + optional Q&A


Feb 21, 2023 @ 7pm EST
Feb 22, 2023 @ 7pm EST
Feb 23, 2023 @ 7pm EST


Live via Zoom from the comfort of your home, car, or office.


Early bird price is $199 thru 2/18. After that, regular price is $249. (replays included!)

What People Say About Sam


Why Will This Be a Bottom Line ROI?

* Sam’s 20+ year track record of results
* In-the-room results
* Real-life success stories
Replicable frameworks
* Proprietary techniques you haven’t seen before

 If you want your…
* Newsletters opened
* Presentations acted upon
* Posts to POP!
* Blogs & books read
* Videos watched
* Cause moved forward

"I am personally looking forward to seeing you on Zoom. You can trust me to jump right in and share ideas that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY to make what you care about resonate, so other people care about it too."
- Sam Horn
CEO of Intigue Agency

Invest in the future of your cause, company, message, & mission

If you want to command the attention of the world and compete with AI-generated content…

ACT NOW to discover how to tap into your genius – so from this day forward you can craft original micro content that helps you break out instead of blend in. 

After all, blending in is for Cuisinarts – not for companies.

"POP! is a lively, fun, inspiring guide to getting heard, getting remembered, getting results.”

This LIVE Course Has Been Completed.
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    Do you have a real-life example you'd like to share of how you deal with difficult people - without becoming one yourself? A story of how you've learned to think on your feet and handle challenging situations in the moment? I'd love to hear it, along with any other sensitive, stressful situations you suggest I include in my work on Talking on Eggshells? With your permission, we may share it with readers and audiences so they can benefit from your insights and lessons-learned.
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    Feb 21, 22 and 23 at 7pm EST / 4pm PST
  • Sam Horn's Microcontent MasterclassFeb 21, 22, & 23, 2023 at 7pm EST * Price good until Feb 18. After that, regular price is $249 (replays included!)
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