Your Wild & Precious Life – The Better Newsletter #10


My first year as the Executive Director of the Maui Writers Conference, I popped into literary agent Michael Larsen’s session while he was discussing the importance of titles. 

Someone in the audience asked, “What’s an example of a great title?”

He said, “Tongue Fu! is the best title I’ve heard in 10 years.”

Well, blow me over with a feather.

Tongue Fu!® was my title.

I had trademarked it, and had been presenting workshops on it for years.

But I didn’t have time to actually write the book.

I was busy raising my sons, speaking at conferences, and offering training programs for organizations.

Just then, I had an epiphany… The more I spoke, the more I’d speak.

If I wanted to be a visionary on behalf of my career, I would set paid speaking aside for a few months and invest the time to write a quality book. 

As it turned out, Tongue Fu! is still selling around the world – 25 years after it was published. And it ended up driving my future more than anything else I could’ve done at that time.

Setting a goal and pouring ourselves into achieving it, contributes to self-trust and feeling good about ourselves.

It’s also a great way to make the most of our one wild and precious life.

After all, I have never met anyone who was sorry they accomplished their goals. I have only met people who were sorry they didn’t do it… SOONER.


  • Be present in your life over the next few days. Take note of anything that is intriguing, useful or additive. Write it down and start thinking about how you can use moments that spark your interest to accomplish your goals. 

  • Take out your calendar and schedule time this week to take the next small step toward accomplishing your goal. Small steps = big results.

Here’s to being better.

Until next time,
Sam Horn

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