Goodbye Guilt – Hello Glee -The Better Newsletter #19


Carol worked in DC and commuted 2-3 hours EVERY DAY.

Being away from home for 13+ hours a day made her feel especially guilty because she wasn’t able to play with her dog, Aussie.

She dropped Aussie off at a doggie day care every morning, but he’d developed separation anxiety and he “cried” – which made her feel even more guilty.

When she got home at night, she was too tired to play with him – and on weekends, she had chores and wanted to catch up on sleep or go out with friends/coworkers.

After listening to her story, I made a drastic suggestion. I said, “I know you love Aussie AND is there someone nearby who would love him and give you “visitation rights?”

She was shocked that I’d even suggest it… But the more she thought about it, the more she realized she was working hard to pay for a house and dog she loved, but never had time or energy to enjoy either of them.

Carol realized things were going to stay the sameunless she made a change.

So, she asked her son, who lived nearby, if he might be interested in Aussie. He is a marathoner and quickly agreed because he welcomed the companionship on his training runs.

The best part is – now she gets to see both of them whenever she wants!

Plus, since she no longer needed a house with a big backyard, she sold her home and moved closer to work.

Now that she doesn’t have to commute, she has 2-3 extra hours every day to go to the gym and hang out with coworkers.

She’s fit, feeling better about herself, and finally has a social life… All because she had the courage to honestly assess her life and make changes that had a catalytic ripple effect.


  • How about you? Do you like your life the way it is? If so, good for you!
    • If not, what is ONE THING you could change that could have a catalytic ripple effect?
  • What STUFF might holding you back or weighing you down? And when I say STUFF, I don’t just mean possessions – I mean commitments. 
    • Be HONEST, because if we don’t admit it, we can’t address it.

Until next time… Here’s to being better.

Sam Horn

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