Results or Regrets – The Better Newsletter #3


Years ago, I was in Boston speaking as part of my “Year by the Water.”

During the Q & A, a woman raised her hand and asked, “Is there any place you wanted to go on your travels, but didn’t?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. I had an instant answer, “Walden Pond.”

She looked at me in surprise, “You know it’s only an hour away?”

Well, blow me over with a feather. I had no idea Walden Pond was so close.

If there was anything I learned on my “Year by the Water,” it was to follow the nudges and answer the call(ing) instead of thinking we’ll do it later when circumstances are “better.”

Later isn’t better. NOW is better.

So, I changed my plans, rented a car, and drove to Walden Pond.

I stood on the shore, going back and forth, “Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I? Shouldn’t I?” (Mind you, it was OCTOBER in New England.)

A little voice whispered, “Go in! Clothes dry, memories don’t.”

So, I went in, and I will always be glad I did.

Queen Elizabeth said, “Good memories are our second chance at happiness.”

I can revisit that day in my mind and heart whenever I want, as often as I want.

If you want results instead of regrets, don’t wait for someday.


  • What is something that’s been calling you, nudging you, whispering to you

  • Get out pen & paper right now…
    Draw a line down the middle of the page…
    On the left side, write down all the REASONS you aren’t doing that thing…
    On the right side write down specific actions you will take to get you one step closer to the RESULTS you desire.

Here’s to being better.

Until next time,
Sam Horn

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