Live in Day-Right Compartments

Dale Carnegie said, “Live in day-TIGHT compartments.”

With a nod to Dale Carnegie, how about we choose to live in day-RIGHT compartments?

We can’t control life. It does no good to regret the past or worry about the future.

What we CAN control is what we give our attention to … TODAY.

I took this picture of a curving road on my morning walk, because it is a perfect metaphor for what we choose to focus on each day.

It does no good to look back and lament the past. And we can’t predict what’s around the corner, what awaits us tomorrow.

Focusing on what happened last week, last month – only anchors and enlarges that in our mind. It doesn’t make it go away. It doesn’t make it better.

A better use of our mind and time is to focus on the beauty that is around us … today. Focusing on what’s right in our world anchors and enlarges that in our mind.

So, what will you pay attention to today? How will you choose to see and appreciate the beauty in your world, right here, right now?