Messages That Matter – The Better Newsletter #32

People often tell me, “I’m a business owner, not a speaker.” “I’m a consultant, not an author.” Or “I’m a non-profit leader, not a social media influencer.”

I reply back with, “I hear you! AND, if we want to impact more people, we must be all of these!”

The good news is, we have acquired EEE – Experience, Expertise, Epiphanies – over the years that can make a difference for others.

And our EEE doesn’t do any good sitting in our head.

Getting our EEE out in the world is a way to share the lessons we’ve learned the hard way – so others don’t have to.

If you want your message to matter and to be heard by more people, it’s time to stop using the excuse that you “don’t like promoting yourself.”

Get your work out of your mental garage so people can jump on it and benefit from it. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!


  • Identify Your EEE: Take some time to reflect on your experiences, expertise, and epiphanies accumulated over the years. Make a list of these valuable assets, whether they’re related to your professional or personal life.

  • Take Action: Break through the hesitation to share your message. In business, this can look like writing a blog post, delivering a presentation to a small group, or creating social media content.

    For personal, consider sharing your childhood stories with your child, taking the time to visit your parents, or texting/calling a friend to reconnect.

    You never know what impact your EEE will have and on whom. As Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of life is to find your gifts. The meaning is to give them away.”

Until next time… Here’s to being better.

Sam Horn

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