The Dreaded 5%er – The Better Newsletter #37

Are you dealing with someone who repeatedly puts people down? Who blames everyone else for what goes wrong? 

Have you tried everything with this person – active listening, appealing to reason, letting them vent, putting yourself in their shoes – and nothing works? 

Chances are you’re dealing with a bully – or what I call a 5%er.

5%er’s will not change their behavior because… it’s working! 

I spoke on this topic as part of my Talking on Eggshells program at the NAWBO – National Association of Women Business Owners – convention. 

When participants took my Bully quiz, they were surprised to see a particularly challenging person in their life had a pattern of inappropriate behavior

What was even more surprising was they realized this pattern was intentional (not occasional or accidental) and their best characteristics – fairness, kindness, empathy – were being used against them by the 5%er.

Owning our behavior is a wonderful quality – but it backfires with bullies.

Do you have someone who “belittles” you? 

If so, I hope the quick tips in the actions below give you the clarity and confidence to pro-actively re-claim and re-create the quality of life you want, need and deserve.


  • Click here to take our “Bully quiz” and find out if you’re dealing with a dreaded 5%er.

  • Then watch the video under the result area for tips on what to do and say to deal with a bully.

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