Lead With Authentic Appreciation – The Better Newsletter #41

A woman in a recent workshop said, “I work for a government agency. I can’t remember the last time someone paid me a compliment.”

I told her, “Instead of waiting to receive overdue appreciation, GO FIRST and get the ball rolling by giving other people the recognition they deserve.”

Why? Because we ALL have the power to be an Encourager anytime, anywhere.

A foreman in the group took exception to this. He harrumphed, “It’s just not my style to give pats on the back. I shouldn’t have to go around praising people for doing their job. They’re getting paid. That ought to be enough.”

I offered, “Hmmm. Being a leader means giving people what they want, need, and deserve – even if it’s not our style. It means creating an environment where they feel that what they do matters.” 

He begrudgingly agreed to start “giving credit where credit is due,” and reported back in our next session with a great story. 

“I went up to my secretary of 12 years and said, ‘Ruth, you’re the best secretary in the whole world.’

She looked up at me and asked, ‘Ralph, what’s wrong? Are you sick?’

I reassured her I wasn’t on my deathbed. I just felt it was time she knew how much I appreciated her.”

I told our group, “Ralph has a point. If it’s been awhile since we’ve given a compliment, people may wonder if we’re being authentic.”

Which is why I created the infographic below with 6 tips to offer authentic appreciation so people are receptive rather than resistant. 


  • How about you? Are you overdue for some well-deserved praise?

  • I say – GO FIRST! Grab your phone right now and text (or email) 2 people that deserve some long-overdue appreciation. Because as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late.”

  • Then download & share this helpful infographic – so others can be inspired to jump on your appreciation bandwagon.


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