That’s a Wrap for Sam Horn’s New LinkedIn Course on Communication

What an honor it was being asked to share my techniques for how to craft crystal-clear, intriguing communications in an online course for LinkedIn Learning.

Thanks to the team above for making our filming such a fun, rewarding experience.

Andy Rooney, who used to give the closing segment on the 60 Minutes TV show said, “Remember, you’re more interested in what you have to say than anyone else is.”

Ouch. If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I motivate people to listen to me when they’re busy and have a lot competing for their attention?”… you’re in the right place.

My course – called “Preparing for Successful Communication” – is a shortcut to you being able to walk into any communication situation with confidence. You’ll learn exactly what to do to design and deliver remarks that command the respect of everyone in the room.

Here are a few testimonials from people who have already received value from the course.

  • This course offers a very rewarding viewing on the art of communication. Sam Horn gives a very engaging performance, and she is captivating our attention and is enthused and genuine about giving us the benefit of her knowledge.
  • The course flow seems natural and unforced, as all aspects of a successful communication session seem covered. The graphics are nice and unobtrusive, emphasizing the points being made in a well-balanced way.
  • The course has a great value-gain feel, whereas no time is wasted and all movies offer essential information. Most of this content can be re-watched as reminders before a speaking engagement (as the author helpfully suggests). Visually, the set and fashion are nice and subtle in focusing our attention to the speaker.
  • The course could easily be offered to all levels of speakers and professionals, as the tips and manner of teaching are high-level and address known issues anyone might have when preparing a presentation. The language and ideas are generalized enough so as to not exclude anyone, and the root of the strategy comes across properly – and memorably – at all times. I especially liked the AIR concept, and may I never forget ‘Tongue-Fu’, for how it tickles my brain, conceptually.
  • Sam Horn is a delightful speaker herself, friendly and warm yet focused and efficiently conveying the tricks of the trade, Highly recommendable communication course.

This short video on READ THE ROOM demonstrates one of the many techniques you can use immediately to create written and spoken communications that win buy-in and help you connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Hope you find it interesting, useful and inspiring.

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