Jump Off the Jealousy See Saw – The Better Newsletter #24


My friend Maggie told me, “At an annual convention, everyone went around the lunch table introducing themselves. It quickly turned into a brag-fest. This person had just been on Oprah, that one got a six-figure book deal.

I found myself shrinking in my chair, feeling smaller and smaller as everyone shared their highlight reel. I was happy with my career until I heard what everyone else was doing!

After lunch, I snuck back to my room and was going to skip the afternoon sessions. Then my eyes fell on a photo of my husband and son. Just seeing their faces reminded me how good my life is, just the way it is.

I slipped their photo in the back of my plastic name badge. The rest of the event, anytime someone carried on about where they’d just been or what they’d just done, I would peek at that photo and it would instantly re-center me in how I’m already wealthy in what matters.”

If you sometimes feel your life is like a see-saw, you may be depending on other people for your ups and downs. Jump off the jealousy see-saw. Spring free from the comparison trap.

Turn ENVY into ENOUGH by focusing on what you’ve GOT vs. what you’ve NOT.


  • Next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others, stop and use this AAA technique…

  • ADMIRE – Identify what you like about the person/place/thing and turn it from a criticism of you to a compliment to them.
    For example: If you go to the gym and compare your body – you may want to run home into a pint of ice cream… Instead try interrupting the thought and changing it into admiration, “Good for them for being in great shape!”

  • ASPIRE – Ask how can you have more of this in your life?
    i.e. “How can I get back in shape?” (hint, it’s not the ice cream route.)

  • APPRECIATE – Give yourself props for catching the negative thought and releasing it before it stole your joy.
    i.e. Thanks to that shift in my mindset, I got a great workout and feel happier and healthier.

Until next time… Here’s to being better.

Sam Horn

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